Subtle jewellery lasts a long time. So let's take a good care of them.

At Subtle, we take pride in crafting our jewelry from solid gold, making them completely waterproof and resistant to tarnishing. You can wear them while showering, exercising, sleeping or simply living your life without any worries.
However, we do recommend handling your jewellery with care as it is not indestructible (especially the dainty ones). To maintain their shine and keep them looking like new, it is important to clean them semi-regularly.

How to Keep Them Shining

  • Wash

    Occasionally wash your jewellery with warm water and gentle soap. This removes the grim and oil that prevents your jewellery from sparkling.

  • Polish

    To maintain the shine and luster of your jewellery, it's important to buff it with a polishing cloth if any oxidation appears. Please note, it's not recommended to use the polishing cloth on gems and make sure not to wash the polishing cloth.