Subtle is all about the understated beauty of jewellery.

And of course, they have to be of lasting material that withstands the test of time. Hence, solid gold jewellery.

Here at Subtle, we apply the most basic of rules; your jewellery is your companion - precious, reliable, and with you for all times. That's why we focus only on solid gold - a timeless and lasting material together with dainty and modern designs for your everyday wear.

We are proudly

  • Waterproof

    You will never have to worry about removing your jewellery before you take a shower. Take a shower with them, our solid gold jewellery can definitely withstand it.

  • Tarnish-Free

    Stop buying cheap jewellery every other month to replace them whenever they discolour. Solid gold Subtle jewellery will not tarnish or fade.

  • Sustainably Sourced

    Goodbye blood diamonds. We always ensure that our products come from ethical factories and practices, from the source of the stones to the manufacturing of the jewellery.